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Helping Heroes is a national organisation, exclusively providing rehabilitation, injury management and assessment services to our Veteran community. Our goal is to facilitate a life changing impact, extending beyond the individual.


With over 15 years of experience in supporting the needs of injured Veterans and their families, our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing superior quality, client centred services.


Helping Heroes apply a biopsychosocial approach as the forefront of our rehabilitation services considering biomedical, psychological and social factors that influence recovery.


To provide superior quality, proactive and passionate rehabilitation and assessment services that have a life changing impact on our Veteran clients and their families


Our service model is based on these critical core values integrated into all aspects of our client and customer engagement:



  • A quality mindset leads our actions.

  • We take pride in delivering high quality services for some of the nation's most vulnerable populations.

  • Our quality service delivery is driven by recognising the life changing impact we can create with an individual.



  • We support one another; we believe in one another; we care for each other.

  • We strive for equitable and non-judgemental treatment of all individuals.

  • We understand the power of an individual’s story, with no one individual having greater or lesser value.

  • We acknowledge and respect the different abilities of one another.



  • We promote and encourage self-determination, self-worth and self-confidence through opportunity and choice.

  • We learn from and with each other, leveraging individual strengths and abilities to inspire growth.

  • Our mistakes present an opportunity for feedback and growth.



  • We are courageous in our conversations, providing insight and context.

  • We are not afraid to be real and human without fear of judgement.

  • We create clear expectations and boundaries, acknowledging we don’t have all of the answers, sourcing knowledge to share and build expertise.


  • We stand by our commitments and honour our words with action.

  • We consider the best interests of the individual whilst upholding our values without compromise.

  • We trust our people and expect our people to be trustworthy.


  • We share responsibility to create our own culture, being mindful of how our contributions shape this culture.

  • We are responsible for our self and our workplace contributions, taking pride in who we are and what we do. 

  • We are reliable, committing to reasonable promises.

  • We are not afraid to ‘catch it and call it’


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